Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Coach-Maker's Magazine

crane neck hearse

Dexter and California Wood Spring Wagon

Excelsior Dog Cart

Jagger Wagon

Coachmaker Magazine Sleighs

Ham's Patent Carriage

Canoe Coal Box with Top

2-wheel Dogcart

6-seat Chariotee

C and Elliptic Spring Wagon

These plates come from the 'New York Coach-Maker's Magazine [Devoted to the Literary, Social and Mechanical History of the Craft]' from ~1870 at the Smithsonian Institution. (Background artifact has been removed from all the above images)

They also link to the excellent Carriage Museum of America which includes all sorts of esoteric articles (and modest illustrations) derived from 19th and early 20th century carriage and coachmaking journals.


peacay said...

I'm a magpie by trade and you're welcome to link as you like.
'- )

sroden said...

wow, those images are incredible, graphically wonderful... thanks for posting these. you continue to mine for gems and find them! you might like my post regarding"the scythian wonder (or the vegetal lamb of tartary" from an old issue of the colophon...

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked our images from "The Coach-Maker's Magazine." You can find many more interesting images from Smithsonian Libraries at The Image Galaxy:

Anonymous said...

;) wooow! very nice.

Anonymous said...

These images are absolutely gorgeous. I've always been fascinated by illustrations from this era, especially those in manuals and adverts. They're so detailed and delicate.
I'm so glad I found your site. This has made my day.

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