Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Royal Games of Burma

Burmese Parabeik illustrating royal pastimesFolds 1-4 : Queen watching ploughing ceremony. King watching ? archery/polo.
[description text is cutoff in the dropdown menu]. This image is spliced from
a dozen zoom screencaps so it's a reasonable size if you click on it. I didn't
splice any of the other main pages but some of the details have been both
(or either) spliced and cleaned up in the background.

2 horses and riders

Burmese soccer playing and musicians
Folds 5-8. King and queen watching Burmese football.

football detail

Burmese drummers detail

procession with elephant and horse
Folds 9-12: Procession

procession dancers detail

horse detail

elephant detail

continuation of procession
Folds 13-16: Procession continued

Umbrella men detail

detail of canopy over elephant and rider

Game with elephants in enclosure
Folds 17-20: Game with elephants in enclosure

elephant on hind legs

group of elephants near stadium

tea sellers outside stadium

stadium crowd detail

This is a 19th century burmese parabeik - a folded concertina picture book usually made of palm leaves - with watercolour illustrations of sporting and cultural activites viewed by royalty. It is listed online as 'Parabeik illustrating royal pastimes' among the wonderful 'Seeing is Believing: Traditional and Colonial Images of Popular Culture' section of the Oxford Digital Library.


kate said...

these are wonderful. love the elephants especially!

Emily said... ROYAL is that?! :D

I miss those olden Golden days....reminds me of all we used to be....



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