Monday, September 18, 2006

Oddly Elementary

Basedow ElementarwerkElementarwerk by Basedow 1774
(see previous post but this site has a different range of images)

Aus Schummels Kinderspielen und Gesprächen'Aus Schummels Kinderspielen und Gesprächen. Theil (1778)'

Aus Campes Sämmtlichen Kinder und Jugendschrifte'Aus Campes Sämmtlichen Kinder und Jugendschriften. (1807)'

New Zealander in Aus Campes Sämmtlichen Kinder und Jugendschrifte'Aus Campes Sämmtlichen Kinder und Jugendschriften. (1807)'

Aus Raffs Naturgeschichte für Kinder'Aus Raffs Naturgeschichte für Kinder (1783)'

Aus GuthsMuths’ Spielen zur Übung und Erholung'Aus GuthsMuths’ Spielen zur Übung und Erholung (1796)'

Aus Schöneichs Merkwürdigem Ehrengedächtnis'Aus Schöneichs Merkwürdigem Ehrengedächtnis von dem
christlöblichen Leben und Tode des Heineken (1726)'

Nationen-Alphabet'Aus dem Neuen Nationen-Alphabet (Leporello, 1835)'

Aus Brentanos Gockel'Aus Brentanos Gockel, Hinkel, Gackeleia (1838)'

Aus Brentanos Gockel, Hinkel, Gackeleia'Aus Brentanos Gockel, Hinkel, Gackeleia (1838)'

Aus Bertuchs Bilderbuch für Kinder'Aus Bertuchs Bilderbuch für Kinder. (1807)'

Aus Bertuchs Bilderbuch für Kinder a'Aus Bertuchs Bilderbuch für Kinder. (1807)'

{As always, click on the images for larger versions - most have had background repair +/- removal of library stamps}

Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen
have a number of complete childrens' books together with a large thematic image database covering everything from natural science to ABC books and more. Never let it be said that old childrens' books aren't packed full of weirdness goodness.

This comes circuitously via Netbib who cover german digital issues. I get their newsletter and despite the fact that I can't read it at all (virtually), they always have excellent repository links.

Speaking of the non-english world, Netlex have a new address --- this is a stellar and wide-ranging art/culture site, mostly in french.


Mister Quickly said...

I've been visiting your blog almost daily for the past 4 or 5 months, so I thought it appropriate to let you know I really enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I have been recommending your blog to friends. Many thanks for such a well designed site.

cavalaxis said...

Brilliant. I love these!

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