Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Masks

These variations on the Commedia dell'Arte theme from the beginning of the 17th century have been uploaded at full size, after removal of the library stamps. This is the whole set from the Biblioteca Casanatense via the Istituto Internazionale di Storia Economica e Sociale "F. Datini" database. I can't find much more information about the set, Gheyn or van Londerseel online.

Verbatim from the website: "20. B. I. 93, [Raccolta di stampe sec. XVII-XVIII]
editori Jacques Cherau, Assuerus van Londerseel - Calcografie: Jacques Bellange (incisore), Sebastien Leclerc (incisore), A.S. (incisore), Francesco Maggiotto (autore), Jacob de Gheyn II (incisore).
20. B. I. 93/176-183, 185 - [Maschere] - ed. Assuerus van Londerseel, fine XVI - inizi sec. XVII - Calcografie: Jacob de Gheyn II (incisore)
Incisione calcografica (acquaforte) - Tavole sciolte poste in album fattizio."

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misteraitch said...

Very interesting: many thanks, as ever. I’m reading a book about de Gheyn at the mement, and will probably post a little something about him in a few weeks’ time. In outline, he started out as an engraver, but made the transition to become a successful painter of still-life scenes, and in particular flower-paintings: he was apparently one of the first Dutch artists—along with Jan Bruegel the Elder— to specialise in this genre. In contrast with his still-lives and natural-historical illustrations, he used fantastic imagery in many other of his drawings & paintings, and was in particular known for his depiction of witches…

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