Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Heart Bulletin

The trouble with doctors is not that they don't
know enough, but that they don't see enough.
Sir Dominic J Corrigan, 1853

The mind of man cannot conceive of an effect
without a cause, so that the sight of a phenomenon
always awakens an idea of causation.
Claude Bernard, mid-19th century

One makes rhythmic movements with
the hand holding the whole heart.
Moritz Schiff, mid-19th century

The heart is the beginning of life, even as the sun
may be called the heart of the world. The heart is
the foundation of life, the source of all action.
William Harvey, 17th century

"Cartoons of red arteries and blue veins illustrate the principles of cardiovascular medicine. These illustrations appeared on the back covers of The Heart Bulletin. The figures underwent a transition over the years, as the artist [Joseph Schwarting] refined his ideas about illustrating medical quotes. The quotes prompting the cartoons came from a variety of philosophers and physicians who pondered cardiovascular theory through the centuries."
Illustrations from the Heart Bulletin (1952-1968) are online at John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center, Texas (4 thumbnail pages with ~100 images total).

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