Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hans Traxler

Czech-German Hans Traxler (1929-) has been a lithographer, political cartoonist and comic creator. Despite the flash interface, the poor lighting of many of the pages and the occasional blurry shot, there is something of the Clouseau/Pythonesque/Poirot whimsy that appealed to me about Traxler's 1983 book La Aventura Formidable del Hombrecillo Indomable (Spanish translation obviously - but there are few words).
[via Puño]


Anonymous said...

You can play with bright and contrast to get better results :)

I did that photos very quickly, some time ago, one ¿no-sleep? night ;-)

(sorry for my English)

peacay said...

Thank you for putting the book online arkangel. I was up too late also, so I didn't have time to change the contrast. Wonderful stuff though!

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