Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sweet Beasts

Mnemosyne: "The educational website for Museum Meermanno is up and running. Based upon the material that was prepared for the combined website of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek and Museum Meerman, we prepared essays that introduce the material to users in an educational setting. Teachers and students will be encouraged to add material and/or their comments. We used the concept of "topicmaps" to structure a large part of the website. We also tried to facilitate the retrieval of information via Iconclass notations for non-expert users.

And the Meermanno website, from whence the above manuscript images were obtained, is a wonderful (?)new repository. I have hardly looked around in there at all but it seems to be a novel multi-categorizing database: these miniatures took me 5 minutes to find and extract despite there being only occasional english. If NYPL is the toystore, Meermanno feels like the candy factory - I absconded quickly, without background information on the illustrations to avoid cavities.

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