Friday, January 20, 2006

The Religious Triumvirate

Miniature of plan for the Blue Mosque of Mecca ~1700

The Great Biblical Flood: St Augustine ~late 15th century

from Genesis in the Torah ~15th century

The Creation of the World 1476 Nicolas Jensen: Latin Bible

The first word of Exodus from the Torah ~early 14th century

Egyptian (carpet) Pentateuch 1353

La Bibliothèque Nationale de France have a large website for their current exhibition: Livres de Parole ('Book of the Word') - Torah, Bible, Coran and the selection here was snagged from the image bank thumbnail pages pertaining to Judaism, Islam and Christianity respectively. I'm reasonably sure the actual exhibition has further images. But there is a lot in here to see, even if you don't read french.


peacay said...

You're welcome. It was serendipity - I have no idea whatsoever how I ended up there. BNF is not usually somewhere I end up accidentally. It must have been in the hands of the umm...Gods.

Nightshift said...

Nice exhibits. do you own them all

peacay said...

Well I own up to my present quizzical reaction to such a question.

I also own all the string and glue and nail clippings and missed opportunities and unquenchable thirsts and handmedowns and rod-wielding bunyips on the great expanse of lawn to your left, over by the pool.

I own Argentinian cattle ranches in Himachel Pradesh and adiaphanous curlews dispensing gelid squibs in hair-nets and spats to the high rollers at the Leopold Bloom Memorial Club; and I own so much notional compunction that I dispense it from a soup tureen with a yabbie pump on the 2nd tuesday of each month.

So it's all onerous but I am always available for rent.

Kerryn Goldsworthy said...

What an extraordinarily beautiful blog, to say nothing of the post-Spike Milligan comments. Thank you for all the work that's gone into finding and putting up these images in one place where the rest of us can look at them without lifting a finger.

The Great Biblical Flood is one of the most haunting pictures I've ever seen, sort of Bosch-ish but (marginally) less nightmary -- I think it's that very strange misty blue. They don't make paint like that any more.

peacay said...

Spike? I guess so. It began its life in an Allen Ginsburg accent I thought. Neither he nor Milligan have anything to worry about on a competetive front.

Thanks for the encouraging words pavlov's cat. It is a beautiful blue.

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