Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Kevin Hauff

Illustrations © Kevin Hauff (3 galleries - quite slow loading)


Alexa Brett said...

Great illustrations! Really fun style and colors.

peacay said...

Mm. I found it at a British illustration association website link set I think - a sort of a link from a link from a link, which trail I don't now recall. I need a secretary to corral my randomness.

Alexa Brett said...

I could volunteer...But perhaps my family would resent my absence! :-) Link or no link, it is always fun to see what you post on your site.

peacay said...

Actually I can't decide whether it's amusing or pathetic that I don't remember from which posts pictures that I've saved locally derive (some are unused pix and others weren't as well labelled as I need to do a search).

A couple of times I've made posts and woken up/thought later that I had probably posted them before. It's going to happen sometime I'm sure. But someone out there in the ether will notice of course. So it goes..

Alexa Brett said...

The way I see it is busy people providing cool info for others are allowed brain lapses. It happens to me all the time. I was told it comes with age, since I am still fairly young I like to think it comes with having a busy schedule... If you repeat it twice, it must be just that good :-) By the way, I love your new post on women. Happy New Year!

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