Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tout le Monde Animée

"Vo régardez Milady" ~1828

"-Qué diable, Monsieur, on né récule pas comme ça.
-Oh! Je suis brave à ma manière,…j'avance en reculant"


Jean Ignace Isidore Gérard (pseudonym JJ Grandville) (1803-1847) received artistic instruction from his painter father and moved to Paris from Nancy where he received some success with the publication of a couple of sets of lithographs. Widespread acclaim followed the 1828 publication of "Les Métamorphoses du Jour" (bottom 3 images above), a series of 72 lithographic plates which were both a biting satire of the social times and a kind of a prefiguring of surrealism, with the anthropomorphizing of animals. Later he produced Les Fleurs Animées (top 2 images above) with the absurdist combination of the plant world with humans.

Grandville produced a large number of caricatures for periodical publications of the day and took up book illustration when journalistic cartooning was outlawed in the mid-1830s. He died in a psychiatric asylum after his child had choked to death beside him eating bread.

Addit: I should have guessed. I just accidentally discovered that the magical Missouri Botanical Gardens via their illustratedgarden.org website have both volumes of Les Fleurs Animées online (incidentally, edited by Gabriel de Gonet). Those links go directly to the list of illustrations from each volume. [And now at Botanicus too]


peacay said...

Further links...

**In an outstanding post at the Nonist JM has uploaded some wonderful scans from 'The public and private life of animals'

**The Loves of a Puppet and a Star - Conrad H Roth translated a section from Un Autre Monde and has some images.

LudoMC said...

The Fish is definitely from Grandville. It has been published in "Un autre monde : transformations, visions, incarnations, ascensions, locomotions, explorations, pérégrinations, excursions, stations" (!) page 66.
You may see it online here, at the french national library : http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k101975j

peacay said...

Thanks very much Ludovic. I note the print title is "Les Poisson D'Avril".

I'm always in 2 minds about the Gallica site. Having the likes of Grandville in photocopy quality images is just crazy or depressing.

peacay said...

**Visipix has a whole bunch of rare Grandville images [via]

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