Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Magic Lindsay

Pollice Verso 1904

The Dream Merchant 1920

Norman Lindsay (1879-1969) was an author, painter, illustrator, sculptor and model ship builder and one of Australia's most renowned artist. His predeliction for nudes in many of his paintings and his right wing political views ensured his public reputation was controversial.

The Apotheosis of Villon

He was an editorial cartoonist for a political magazine for a long time where caricatures were churned out but he was also a prolific sketcher and his pen and pencil drawings are exquisite. His arguably greatest success derives from the 1918 publication of The Magic Pudding, a fantastical children's book classic in which a sailor, a penguin and Bunyip Bluegum the koala team up with a magical pie that never runs out.

WWI propaganda poster

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