Monday, September 19, 2005

A Horse is a Horse of Course

I do admire the Victorian age's sense of pedantry when it came to publication titles but I couldn't help but laugh at this one. A flitch of pony brisket anyone?

There's a quote in there --- "In studying animal nature, we find a general law that the larger and more active the brain, the more intelligence and docility is exhibited; and the smaller and more sluggish the brain, the less intelligence is possessed, and the more determined and active the resistance to control." --- in which 'animal' could be substitued with 'internet discussion board participant', in some cases.

These images were jagged from the Making of America books series of some 9,500 19th century books (>3 million pages) that have been digitized and made available by the University of Michigan and Cornell University. It's of course a commendable effort but once you start viewing book pages, there's an unnecessary and annoying 1/2 page loss of viewing area with the header frame.

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