Thursday, September 22, 2005

Doncker Sea Atlas

De zee-atlas ofte water-waereld : vertoonende alle de zee-kusten
van het bekende deel des aerd-bodems seer dienstigh
voor alle schippers en stuurlieden, mitsgaders koop-lieden
om op 't kantoor gebruyckt te werden.
Nieuwelijcks aldus uytgegeven
. by Henrick Doncker, 1659.

In the Treasures from the National Library of Australia is a complete digitized 1659 issue of the gentleman's edition of the Doncker Sea Atlas with beautiful embellished colour maps covering the then known world (sans Australia, of course).

Doncker ran a navigational aid and maritime bookstore for 50 years in Amsterdam and became renowned for his cartography skills. The Sea Atlas ran to 30 editions over 60-odd years of publication. He died in 1699 and his son carried on the proud tradition of Dutch cartography.


Anonymous said...

If you look at the Indian ocean chart, it looks like a few sections of the Australian coast are visible there (unless they're bits of Antarctica in the wrong place).

peacay said...

I could raise some semantical arguments here...but I'll cop to that.

wiki has a good article actually ---

"The Dutch adjectival form Australische ("Australian", in the sense of "southern") was used by Dutch officials in Batavia to refer to the newly discovered land to the south as early as 1638. The first writer in English to use the word "Australia" was Alexander Dalrymple in his An Historical Collection of Voyages and Discoveries in the South Pacific Ocean, published in 1771. He used the term to refer to the whole South Pacific region, not specifically to the Australian continent. In 1793, George Shaw and Sir James Smith published Zoology and Botany of New Holland, in which they wrote of "the vast island, or rather continent, of Australia, Australasia or New Holland." "

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