Monday, May 19, 2008

Gothic Illuminated Sketchbook

Illuminated fabulous creatures

ornamental foliage garlands

Bird sketches for illuminated manuscript

lettrines and foliage in partially completed manuscript page

Historisierte Initialen, 20v

Practice sketches of illuminated initals with insert scenes

Incomplete illuminated letters and foliage

Practice series of illuminated initals

Practice series of illuminated lettrines

Practice series of illuminated initals and foliage

Two capital letters illuminated

Large incomplete illuminated initial with scenic insert and foliage

Large detailed illuminated letter and surrounding arabesque decoration

Illuminated letter with scenic infill, text and surrounds of stylised animals and decoration

Colourful lettrine, text and incomplete border of leaves and decoration

Near-complete central miniature surrounded by sketched outline of textual decoration

Stephan Schreiber's late gothic pattern book was produced in Urach in the (now) state of Baden-Württemberg in South-West Germany in 1494. It was dedicated to Count Eberhard (Eberhard the bearded, later first Duke) of Württemberg.

The parchment manuscript appears to be a manual of templates and/or a practice book containing partially completed sketches, painted and calligraphy initals, stylised floral decorative motifs, plant foliage tendrils, fantastic beast border drolleries, together with some gold and silver illumination work.

'Spätgotisches Musterbuch des Stephan Schriber - BSB Cod.icon. 420' from Münchener Digitalisierungszentrum (MDZ), contains about sixty four pages in total (probably fifty illustrated pages). [Europeana] [catalogue record] [links updated Oct 2014] [via Marion McNealy]

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